The solar energy services provider
that delivers proven long-term savings

SEPCo. is a different kind of solar energy provider. We not only sell photovoltaic equipment. We deliver fully managed solar energy services.

Our customers get the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. What they don’t get is the hassle and expense of financing, constructing, owning and servicing their own photovoltaic solar energy systems.

SEPCO. offers the following solar energy services:

Solar Power is our most comprehensive flagship service for customers that want solar-generated electricity without capital costs.
Production Assurance services for customers who already own PV systems but would like scheduled service and maintenance in addition to our solar monitoring capabilities.
Solar Energy Monitoring offers monitoring and the option for service dispatch for existing PV systems.
With SEPCo. as your solar energy provider, you get solar-generated electricity and the peace of mind that comes from long-term, predictably priced rates for solar electricity. And you get it all without the worries of expensive equipment to purchase, maintain and monitor.


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