About Us

.Solar Energy Power Co. specialized in solar & renewable energy products. We have been in forefront for making green & echo friendly environment. We take great care to deliver quick & efficient system to our clients and share our experience with number of delivery options all over the country with special considerations work out for remote areas of Pakistan

We deal in solar panel of multiple sizes and watts, solar appliances of numerous categories i.e. heating, cooling, lighting, and communication.

We work for satisfaction of our customers and expect reciprocal treatment from them. Our entire staff accommodate the clients on beheast of company to the best of their ability and professionalism.

We are cautious of our environmental responsibilities and Endeavour to promote the use of solar energy as part of all our day to day life by sourcing high quality products that can fit into anybody's life style.

Solar energy being an old technology but its recognition or establishment took a longer period due to our myths & believes .For the introduction of the common man it took almost two years,

Major Projects & Milestones
  • Supply & installation of 155 SHS(solar home system) to flood victims of KPK in 2010
  • Installation of 4000 W Solar System for Dairy Farm in OKARA Punjab
  • Supply of solar equipments to Buksh Energy for various projects in Punjab in 2010
  • Installation of Solar System for communication for Pakistan Army in 2010
  • Installation of solar water pumps in collaboration with  Solar System Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd in Chekhan (D.I.Khan) in 2010
  • Installation of Solar Street Lights in capital Islamabad in 2011
  • Supply of solar equipments to NHA & MP for various sites of Sindh in 2011
  •  Electrification of solar water filter plant in FATA for a NGO in 2012
  • Supply of solar modules & solar led lights for IDP's of FATA under U.S aid in 2012

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