The newly developed low cost solar powered solutions, the Solar Magic Box, is now available with a promise to bring electric power to every home in the world. It is handy and easy to install, without the need of any expert solar professional.

Solar Magic Box is very effective in areas without electricity & excess load shedding. For places with unreliable electricity supply, the solar magic box is an excellent emergency backup solution.

one may be amazed to know that ~1/4 of the world is still surviving without supply electric power.

In remote places away from populated areas such as, poultry farms, construction sites, kiosks on road sides, shops and many other places without electricity, the Solar Magic Box is extremely useful.
The Solar Magic Box is developed with a promise, of being made affordable by everyone. It is extremely inexpensive and can be easily replaced. Other than a battery change every 3-4 years, it has no running expense.

If you have a mobile phone but no power to charge it, then worry not. The Solar Magic Box comes with a car lighter port in which any car mobile charger can be used. Charge your cell phone in any remote place.

Just place the solar panel facing the sun (South), and connect it to the Solar Magic Box. The battery inside, will charge it with one day sunshine. At night, you can operate DC light bulbs & DC fan.

The main unit in the Solar Magic Box system contains batteries, a charge regulation device and protection circuitry. The Solar Magic Box charge controller can charge batteries even in low sunlight conditions. 12V DC load ports are used to attach LED DC bulbs or a DC fan. Each port can be individually switched off when not in use. Easy to attach solar inputs are provided.

DC Packages



BACKUP (Continuous)



1 Pedestal fan + 1 LED lights

12 Hrs



1 Pedestal fan + 2 LED lights

           24 Hrs



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